Working on a new desktop rice

I've been one to mess with the colors of my desktop. I'm normally the kinda guy to prefer usability over visual flavor, so while my rices might not be as good as the ones you see on r/unixporn, they work very well for me. I'm working on a new rice to incorporate my love of Tails Gets Trolled without garnering an odd look in public (at least any more than using a non-Windows or MacOS operating system would get me). Below is where I am so far.

Picture of my desktop rice (if you have an image viewer, pipe into it!)

Couple things I need to work on, of course. First and foremost is making a better background. While the aliased look can be charming, I'm aiming for a soyjack vector-based look. In addition, if you look at the original TGT logo it has some flames, so I want to render those as well. That's a job for when I have access to a mouse and a bigger screen though. While I like this laptop, it isn't exactly suited for graphic design. Another thing I need to work on is having a better colorscheme for ncmpcpp, while I admire the 90's colorful charm, having a more uniform look is something that the rest of the rice accomplishes.

Colorscheme, you might be wondering how I got here. Well, it's mostly based on the alduin vim colorscheme. In fact, that's the colorscheme I am using right now to author this blog post. I have done some tweaks though, instead of the g:alduin_Shout_Become_Ethereal black that is #080808, I'm using pure black, #000000. In addition, there wasn't a real good Cyan that I could find, so I made my own. My current prompt is green as a holdover from a previous rice, which I'll have to change.

That's it so far. I'm about a week off of finishing this rice, just thought I'd show you the early stages.