I make music. My remix of the Cold Cuts Podcast intro was featured on the Pod, so I thought I would provide it here for easier listening.


I also made a cheeky song called "Jeff"


2022/12/10: radius EP


  1. radius1
  2. radius2
  3. radius3
  4. radius4
  5. radius5
  6. radius6
  7. radius7

2023/05/28 oldprojects

oldprojects album cover


  1. branka
  2. branka2
  3. unzidled
  4. vidia
  5. zarn
  6. zamn!
  7. wow
  8. happychiptunecover
  9. 02
  10. breg

Music Recommendations

I've made a dedicated page for single-song recommendations.

I listen to a lot of weird shit. Below are my recommendations if you want a few chuckles. ( Do note these links go to sites with questionable privacy policies. I would recommend finding a privacy-respecting frontend or downloading all their stuff with tools like yt-dlp or the standard youtube-dl. )

youngscrolls This guy makes sentence-mixed raps of Elder Scrolls characters. They are very well made, and they produce the beats to every song. They are very talented, I can't imagine the amount of work it takes to get the sentence mixes to sound this good. (Soundcloud Link)

DOGGIFY This fella makes remixes of songs with primarily the legendary "Doin' Your Mom" by FAttY SPiNS. Some favorites of mine of that ilk are "paper moms" and "Dynamite by BTS but it's Doin' Your Mom" (YouTube Link)

Wizard of Loneliness This is a new addition to my personal discography, a vaporwave artist who incorporates a lot of jazzy progressions. (Bandcamp Link)

YourBoySponge Canonical drill rap by Spongebob Squarepants. Uses AI for the vocals, would personally prefer if they were sentence-mixed, but nothing can be perfect. Another channel of this ilk is AyYoPatrick (YouTube Links)

DBangz DBangz is a personal favorite of mine. I was introduced to him by an friend in 2018, and have been listening since. (Soundcloud Link)

Hank Trill Hank Hill if he was a trap star. Traditional vocals, sometimes goes off canon character voice. (Soundcloud Link)

Pink Guy I still listen to quite a lot of Pink Guy. Not for the faint of heart. (Soundcloud Link)

Tails Gets Trolled - The Album (Youtube Link) Direct Download Tails Gets Trolled Album. Read the comic before listening to avoid spoilers.