I've been doing quite a lot of work for the website of Tails Gets Trolled, first helping them switch webhosts from GoDaddy to a VPS with DNS services from Epik, then working on some PHP-based webapps for simplifying a lot of the workflow of the site admin. That second part is very close to being rolled out to production (for now it's hosted at a subdomain, which I will not link since it is not done).

Big things are happening IRL for me. I'm moving, and that means moving jobs since I'm moving state. I've already given my goodbye to my previous employ (whom I am currently on the job for whilst writing this), and look forward to continuing my education and job searching in the new state which I will reside in. I have a lot of history with said state, my father owns a bit of land in the north that we as a family often go to for summer, the admittedly meager stint of college I had was hosted there (in a much more built-up area), and many online friends I have live there (whom I anticipate visiting when finalizing the move).

I've been getting into purchasing Pokemon Trading Card Game Booster Boxes, which has lead me to great financial success. I've bought two sets, SWSH09 and SWSH12, both of which have been doing quite well in the market. I bought Silver Tempest at release, with Brilliant Stars being after release (at 156.71 a box). Been going well, will be hodling for the forseeable (unless a friend contacts me about buying one, price being 95 cents to the dollar).

Let's see... what else? I've been working on personal scripts to make RSS feeds for sites that don't have them. I might maintain a git repo with them if I want to. Right now they're just for personal. Gotta say though, they are pretty nice. It's cool that I don't have to go to TCGPlayer's Infinite site to read the new articles on Pokemon.

I've been working a little bit on the Tails Gets Trolled Wiki, creating a page chronicling fanworks of TGT. That has been pretty fun, and has led me down a rabbit hole of different mediums for storytelling. Comics, Music, Games obviously but I recently discovered JumpChains. They're a product of the /tg/ board on 4chan, choose your own adventure tales for the modern man. Sadly, they are predominately hosted on Google Drive, which is a bitch if you hate Google. I'll see if I can find a repository of them that aren't there (link will be in the links page of the wiki on this site).

Sorry for the month-worth info drop. Been busy with real-life stuff so haven't been able to update this blog, as well as getting kinda bored with updating it.