Gentoo and Bluetooth

Today has been quite a rager. I've had to deal with boring IRL chores but to help with that I got some cool new chinkshit, a few pairs of KZ AZ09's. They work pretty well. Of course you have your normal bluetooth chinese crap like a woman saying 'pairing' every once in a while but it ain't all that bad.

Anyway, as part of this purchase I'd have to figure out bluetooth on Gentoo, my current OS of choice.


So of course the first place I go is looking up my wireless card. Intel 5260, works with bluetooth. Success. Second, I head to the Gentoo wiki. Specifically, the Bluetooth article. It tells me to emerge bluez and change my USE flags to include bluetooth globally. So I do, I emerge bluez and @world at the same time (only updating if USE changes, of course).

After installing, I follow the wiki to hciconfig and I'm getting no output. I was really confused. It was then my dumbass realized I probably disabled bluetooth in the BIOS. Turns out I did. Connection to the chinkshit very easy after that, bluetoothctl, pair <MACADDR>, connect <MACADDR>.

Basically I just wanted to vent on how much of a retard I am sometimes. Good post coming after I have some fun in another state over the weekend. ;)