Diary of a Retard

Redux DX

During work yesterday I was greeted in my mail client by this:

From: abusenotification@vultr.com
Subject: [Ticket:#######] scam attempt from Vultr IP, Monday 20th Nov 2023

Great. Now we've gotta see what we're dealing with.

In the days before this email, our server was dealing with constant drive space issues on the root drive. In order to curtail this, in my infinite wisdom, I deleted logs. The worst kind of deleting logs, not backing them up either. So, when I got this email I knew exactly where this space issue was coming from. Of course, I couldn't do any log analysis.

So we restored from a backup. I got logs, and identified that Postfix wasn't making sure clients were authenticated. Fixed, should be a-okay now. That's all there is to it, folks.

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