A thought on Tails Gets Trolled and page releases

This one's gonna be a little crazy.

Recently on the TGT discord server one of the website managers leaked a yet-to-be-released-publicly page which of course would upset many 'fans' as it is not of Tails or Shadow but of a group of original characters that Lazerbot wrote. This caused anger between the website managers as, of course, you're not really meant to drop pages that are meant to be Patron exclusive until they are publicly released on the site. Much indecision has occurred from this occurance, we're (as I'm typing) yet to come to a decision as everyone's busy with their jobs.

I've worked with the TGT team for almost a year now; in my time with them I've come to a very simple, very easy conclusion. Pages should come out as they are ready. Anyone who pays for the Patreon knows they're mostly just supporting the creation of the webcomic, Lazerbot more specifically. It's not really about getting to read new pages as soon as they are done with lettering.

I've also found from my time that people are very, very impatient. Changes, new pages are wanted INSTANTLY. I've always been of the opinion that you should ignore people who are impatient. I do appreciate them as fans, but often times these fans don't really engage with the product too much. It's like porn to them, read a new page and be done and feel disgusted when you finish. I personally do not wish to cater to these fans. Good things come to those who wait.

tl;dr: This comic is released for free. Stop being so damn impatient.

The new page had already been posted to Patreon, and therefore Kemono.