Comethazine The Album Review

No Hype

I don't need no hype (no hype)
and my ice don't need no lights

I don't need no help (hmm)
them niggas been slep (mmm)

That last bar is (sic) by the way.

God's Schedule

Me tryna keep up with all my hoes gettin' stressful
Never gave a fuck, fuck a nigga, god bless ya!
Send him to the lord add that boy to God's schedule

This is one of the songs I particularly enjoy. It goes quite "hard" as the kids might say.

Grab my M14 and rip that nigga a new asshole
Way before the virus I would pop out with my mask on
Feel like Soulja Boy hop out of bed and turn my swag on
(and) I don't got no waves but got a Gucci du-rag on
Mama had seven kids but I'm the one she brag on
Never bought my bitch a purse but got a Birkin bag on
G Stars hold my XD, so you know my pants gon' sag on
The next nigga to test me, get a big black plastic bag on (bag on)

I don't know how he does it. Seven lines end in "on". He's a god!


Ol' dick in the booty ass niggas

Here it is. The line that made me want to make this whole album review. It's just incredible how he has a way with words.

Taught that hoe a lesson, she got blocked, she can't text me

Comethazine really out here blocking and calling it a victory.

Like a dead beat pop, she say I'm neglecting
60 feet, hoe you too close, I be distant
Me broke? Kinda like a ghost, nonexistant

In these short three lines we learn that Comethazine either has a restraining order on him or he has put a restraining order on a woman, and that he doesn't believe in ghosts. What a wonderful world!

Drive slow, saw the po-po, I don't want a ticket

Previously, (I'm unaware if it's on this album or not) Comethazine stated that he parks in disabled spots because "it ain't no fine [he] can't pay". Interesting contradiction here.


I was high as shit, I wish I could remember more

Comethazine, recounting this song

Solar Freestyle

Usually I'm counting money on the intro
but I'm getting my dick sucked man
Know what the fuck going on man
You know what it is

There's a certain je ne sais quoi about rappers intros claiming they're getting fellatio. I've also seen this happen with Lil Pump, on his No Name project with Ronny J.

Oh bitch, I can be bipolar
We not 'bout to argue hoe
Conversation over (bitch!)

Finally, disrespecting women!

I choked the hoe, did it with my dick! (that's right!)
Hit a lick on Christmas, I'm the motherfucking Grinch!
Wet a nigga up, leave a nigga drenched

I can't help but imagine this fluid being not blood but instead another fluid that you might be familiar with.

Six Flags

This song is by far my favorite on the record. The beat, by Bobby Johnson, is really great. The music video too is, while not super creative, somewhat impressive by keeping a consitent no-cuts camera style.

I'm that nigga, not similar to your bitch ass
I won't even kiss the bitch, you gon' eat the bitch ass
All my niggas gangbang
Comethazine been did that
I don't need no gang
I bust yo brain independent

1776 - Comethazine declares "Bust yo Brain Independence"

Wake Up

Not much to say about this one. If it did release in 2016 it would have been about the same as any of the other songs on the original Bawskee record. He does mention he brushes his teeth though, so presumably those are not veneers despite how odd they look.


This is another one of my favorites. The chorus is just incredibly catchy.

I got my gun so please spinback (mm, mm)
Please spinback
I had my gun when they tried to attack
Please spinback
Don't hit and run just please spinback
Please spinback
We are not done so please spinback
Please spinback

As for the rest of this song, it keeps pretty close to the topic. Of course, the verse will continue to mention spending money and women, but the beginning starts well.

Balls to the Wall

I really want to like this one.

Heat him up, leave him dry like a raisin
Let the hoe fall, ain't no hoe saving
Balls to the wall, go batshit crazy
I ain't trippin' at all, 'cause I brought the 380

It just doesn't hold up to the catchyness of Spinback or the good beat of Six Flags.

Showed her the dick and that lil' bitch ate it

4 Deep

The beginning of what I like to call the "Deep Duology". At the end of this record we're treated to the second half. Pretty hype beat.

We 4 deep in a two-seat El Camino
Your bitch bald, that bitch look like she listen to Neo
Can't believe what these bitches do
Fight over a bitch and the bitch is you

Just a little bit of hood wisdom from our local monk Comethazine.

I Been Loved Guns

I been on money
I been on that

The word "been" appears 48 times in this song. Also Demi Lovato is mentioned, for all the classic Comethazine fans.

So You Say You A Gangsta

Tell me, what's a gangsta to a fuckin' top ranker?

this is literally the only good part of the song

SK Music

I beat a nigga ass, I beat a nigga down
I fuck a nigga bitch, I pass the hoe around
I give a bitch a bone, I dick a thick bitch down
Bust a nigga dome, this SK gon' lay him down
Sniper bullet go a thousand miles
Comethazine music got a thousand styles

Both wildly incorrect statements.

Buffed Up

Gucci underwear 'cause I drip when I'm fuckin'


Still give these fuck niggas beef with no bun

Steaks! That's mighty generous.

Pimps In The House

Do I really need to comment on this one? Nothing happens. It's not even ironically enjoyable.


I don't wanna talk to your dumb ass

Niggas Is Niggas

Niggas is niggas


Rock out with my cock out, let my nuts hang (oh yeah)
Smackin' her ass while I beat from the back
Yeah I call this a certified butt-banging

Something about Comethazine's lyricism, or lack thereof, fascinates me. Every song he has to include a bar about how he fucks a lot. Without fail. Please, try to find a counterexample.

Hey dumbass. Yeah, this is you from the future. Two 45s. Asswipe.

My bitch lookin' fake, that bitch look like a dog

Confirmed, everyone, Comethazine has at one point had a dog-faced bitch.

1 Deep

Finally, to close the album and the Deep Duology, we have 1 Deep. I actually quite like this song. It's clean, as in the beat and flow, lyricism is still quite crass.

All my bitches thick, don't know who to hit
I don't need a gun
Beat a nigga ass
I can use my fist

1 deep, but my gun big as a bitch
Kick the hoe out 'cause she said some stupid shit (like Nike)