Lean Philosophy - August 23rd, 2023 | Playboi Carti

Carti, with this lyric, is clearly implying that his 'bitch' gives quite good 'head'. Now, if one is familiar with slang in the 21st century, one would know that 'bitch' refers to Carti's female companion. Perhaps one of many, rappers are not known for their monogamy. Now, similarly, one would know that 'head' means oral sex, often sex to a penis. It can also refer to oral sex to a vagina, however this is of less common usage, so it is safe to presume that this mention of 'head' refers to Carti recieving such a service. So, we understand most of what is being said here, but what does 'goat' mean in this context?

Goat can refer to many things, such as the animal, but in recent years the word refers to an acronym. Greatest Of All Time. This is quite the revelation, because if Carti is to be believed, he is recieving the best head known to man. How lucky he is to find himself with his bitch.

  1. Unintended Meaning(s)
  2. My bitch giving a man named "Goat" head
  3. My bitch giving a goat's head (presumably to Carti himself, however could be implied to another party, Godfather style)
  4. My bitch giving a goat head (which would be illegal)
  5. My bitch surgically reattaching a goat's head
  6. A realization

I've just relistened to 'FlatBed Freestyle' (the song where this lyric pops up), and clearly Carti is saying:

This changes everything. Intended meaning, my female companion is getting really good head from yours truly. This is interesting because the lyric uses the less common use of the word 'head', as well as implying that Carti actually does oral sex on his female companion, a rarity amongst rappers.

  1. Unintended Meaning(s) (again)
  2. My bitch getting a goat's head
  3. My bitch getting head from a goat (which would also be illegal)
  4. My bitch's head is being replaced with that of a goat
  5. My bitch recieving head from someone named 'goat'

Such ends our first foray into the wonderful wacky world of Carti lyrics. Hope to see you again next time