Lean Philosophy - August 25th, 2023 | Lil Pump feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Multi Millionaire

My housemate is super thick (chyeah)
My housemate is super thick (huh?)
She finna go clean my house (huh...)
Then she finna suck my dick (ooh, chyeah)

Such an enlightening passage. With his simultaneous grand stupidity and intuition of the human condition Mr. Pump unwravels the ornate tapestry that is the track "Multi Millionaire" in the back half of his second studio album. If you're familiar with this song, you'll know why it belongs in Lean Philosophy. Not only is Lean mentioned, a whole littany of drugs are brought up. From Cocaine to Molly, it's got the lot.

If I die, bury me with two bust downs on my wrist (bust down)
Drop four Mollies on my casket, and three pints of Activis ('act)

Not only does Pump have to fill his drug habit in the real world, he also must fulfill it in death. This track really gets good when the Uzi feature shows up:

Ooh, Multi Millionaire
Ooh, Multi Millionaire
Ooh, and my headlights on a deer
Ooh, I can make your bitch stop, stare
Ooh, had to go cop two pair
Ooh, Gucci coat over Moncler
Ooh, no nigga who I fear
Ooh, I can fuck ya bitch in a chair

Not entirely sure why the chair must enter the equation in that exchange, but it does make for a nice rhyme. We'll excuse you this time, Uzi, but I better not see anything like that in the future (very subtle forshadowing there, dear viewer). Anyway, Uzi goes on to declare:

I'm getting these hunnids
I keep it a hunnid

In doing so, Uzi commits a cardinal sin of the rap game. Rhyming a word twice. Shock, awe, bewilderment fills the crowd. Pump gets back on the track after being humiliated by Uzi's verse, and closes it out with the chorus. Pump will return to Lean Philosphy, soon. Perhaps in a full album review...