Lean Philosophy - October 29th 2023 - Sleep Paralysis Edition: Doin' your mom

Doin' your mom
Doi-Doin' your mom
Doin' your mom
Doi-Doin' your mom
Doi-Doin' your mom
Doi-Doin' your mom

You know we straight
Doi-Doin' your mom

Now we're back. I've always been a fan of this song and it's appealing early-00s rock rap feel.

I'm doing your mom (yes yours)
I saw her in the Wal-Mart picking out your drawers.
Big Dolly Parton hair like an 80's prom queen,
but her ass was looking *good* all up in them mom jeans.
I approached her in the checkout line and said "Yo baby wassup"
she had two gallons of milk and I was staring at her jugs!
Five minutes later she agreed to get with me
so we went and rocked the minivan like giggity-giggity-giggity

Such a reprieve from the absolutely retarded lyrics you can get with modern Soundcloud/street demon/middle school dropout tracks. Despite the subject and intentional crassness of the lyricism, you can absolutely come away from this song with respect for whomever wrote it. This can be found also in the next verse:

I was riding your mom, like she's Mario Kart
I gave her a lift back to her crib because her car wouldn't start
She invited me in the house and we started making out again
How many times I tap that ass? (Over 9,000)

Just incredible. The only thing that hampers this song in my opinion is that the chorus hangs around a little too much. Repeating lyrics over and over is something that I can't reasonably criticize without being a hypocrit (I unironically like a lot of Lil Pump's tracks), so I won't bother. I can however say that it repeats way too much over the course of one chorus that it just needs to be tightened up a little.

(I like) your mommas big butt and I cannot lie
you other brothers can't deny that she's fly
We make sexy time yes? And every night I tap that
She saw me butt-naked, now she thinks I'm half black!

This line makes me laugh each time. It's so subtle compared to the rest of the lyrics in this song. Implying that your mother is so impressed by Ray William Johnson's dick size that despite him being one of the most white guys I've ever seen, she gets the impression that he's half African-American will never not be funny.

Anyway, if you haven't listened to this track or the numerous remixes with other songs I'd give 'em a go. Links below (all YouTube):

Doin Your Mom (The Original, 2009)
paper moms DOGGIFY remix of doin' your mom that I really enjoy