Lean Philosphy - August 26th, 2023 | Double Feature Special! Playboi Carti - Scarface

Playboi Carti - Place

Whole Lotta Hoe,
Whole Lotta Red,
Whole Lotta Bitch

Woah, Carti. Slow down with these invigorating lyrics. In the tail end of his most recent album, Carti enlightens us with an admittedly relaxing song about... well... a lot of things. I do wanna comment on this first lyric here though, because it implies that this 'Hoe' and 'Bitch' are massive. If you wanted to claim you had a lot of both items, you would pluralize the word.

Imma show a nigga how to ball,
show a nigga how to play

Oh, good. Carti knows some sort of ball sport.

Spend a bag on my teeth (yeah)
Got these hoes on fleek
Got these hoes on me

Carti apparently had bad teeth at one point and uses the word 'fleek' in 2020.

Ride in a hell
This a cat

Don't think you really had to identify what car you're driving, Carti. We new plenty well from the first line.

Got X and the Lean

Ah, back to classic Lean Philosophy lyrics, this one's easy to disect. Carti here is claiming he has some sorta substance known as "X" and Lean. Now, using context clues, we can deduce that this mysterious "X" is some sort of drug. Unless it's cash, or an allegory for women, or cars, or some other piece of property. I'm leaning (hehe, get it) towards drugs though.

Scarface Featuring Lil' Wayne and Bun B - Forgot About Me

Just when they thought it was safe
I picked up the phone, and called it a day

Mr. Wayne, I'm not entirely sure you can claim that it becomes dangerous once you hang up your boots for the day.

The harder I walk, the ground slip, shakin', stompin'
The harder I march, the ground will break
I am ground breaking, like an earthquake
I run this shit, but I'd tackle it
You want me to break it down? Imma fracture it

It seems like the rap game in 2008 was quite a lot of reiterating the same point. 4, count 'em, 4 of the lines in this passage are just saying 'I break shit'.

My mind is wandering, I can't find it
But 10 times out of 10 my mind on the money
Band around my head like I know karate
And I wax a nigga ass like Mr. Miyagi

Okay, I will admit that those last 2 lines go pretty damn hard. I'm a sucker for Karate Kid references. But, what the fuck do those first 2 lines mean? Your mind wanders, but it's always on the money... Is this some 4th dimensional chess here? And, pray tell Mr. Wayne, how the hell would you not be able to find your mind? It's just behind your eyes, all the time.

(What?) I don't keep it a hunnid, (huh?)
I keep it a thousand.

Okay, Bun B, I was willing to leave you off the hook but what the hell? It is quite literally impossible to keep it above one hundred, as that is the maximum percentage possible. Even your adlibs don't know what's going on with this lyric.