Filthy Frank Show Review

Here I will be going over every single episode in the Filthy Frank Show as listed on IMDb starting from "Season 1" to "Season 7" in chronological order. Let's begin, shall we?

Season 1: Episode 1. "Filthy Shit"

Here opens up with a really nice voice crack. Francis is sharing a story about shit, his shit. This video is a poop joke, and lives the word shit. SHIT EVERYWHERE!!!!

Season 1: Episode 2. "Black People Don't Let Me Freestyle"

Yet another story, starts with shit. He saw some African Americans were freestyling in the corner, Frank approaches and asks to join. He is turned down because he has a small penis. These are getting harder to sit through.

Season 1: Episode 3. "First Day of School"

Frank shares a story about a new student at his school, Jordan. He trolls Jordan the whole day. He then goes on a tangent about cereal and ends the video.

Season 1: Episode 4. "Joining the Football Team"

Another video, a storytime thing. God these early videos are horrible.