Joji, also known as FilthyFrank or Pink Guy, is a R&B artist and a former YouTuber and Rap artist. Joji began his YouTube career in 2011 shortly after moving to the United States, gaining recognition for portraying oddball characters on the satire channels TVFilthyFrank, TooDamnFilthy, and DizastaMusic. The channels, which featured comedy hip hop, rants, extreme challenges, and ukulele and dance performances, are noted for their shock humor and prolific virality. Joji's videos helped popularize the Harlem Shake, that contributed to the commercial success of Baauer's song of the same name which led to the production of memes and collaborations with YouTubers. As Pink Guy, Joji released two comedy studio albums and an EP between 2014 and 2017.

In late 2017, Joji retired as a YouTuber to pursue a music career, and has seen quite a lot of success of the back of it.

Now that we have the "ripped from Wikipedia" section out of the way, we can start talking more in depth of Joji's YouTube career.

Looking at Joji's channels on YouTube nowadays tells a bittersweet tale. I find the best place to start is with TVFilthyFrank, and just go top down. His last video he made is a little difficult to understand, so I would probably start with the "FILTHY FRANK VS. CHIN CHIN" video, but after that you can start just watching. Joji's videos were unlike much else, this sort of content was never really meant to get as popular as it did.

Another thing to note is that not all videos that were uploaded to TVFilthyFrank are still available, as you might imagine. Most notably of the takedowns, are the Cake Series. This trilogy was a collaboration between Joji and Maxmoefoe and later IdubbbzTV to make the most disgusting cake possible. It started with "VOMIT CAKE" which is my personal favorite of the series, where they make a cake but it is largely mixed within the gut of Maxmoefoe. The second in the series was "HAIR CAKE" which is my personal least favorite, the main ingredient in the cake was graciously donated from Idubbbz' head. Many a joke about Idubbbz having cancer are generated from his now bald head, but the main part of the video, the eating of the cake, is really low-energy and just disgusting. But, I suppose that was the point. The part where Idubbbz and Maxmoefoe are vomiting on Joji is quite funny though. And last, but certainly not least is "HUMAN CAKE". This cake is a collaboration of many YouTube personalities, off the top of my head there are JonTron, VSauce, Joey Salads, PewDiePie, KSI, and Anthony Fantano. I'm certain there is one more but I cannot remember their name. (This wiki post will go under more work, just writing for now, heh) They gather hair and toenails from these people, and make a cake of it. This video is one of the first with Chad Roberts in it, and is very good off the back of having him there. This is my second favorite, but the scene after baking the cake is one of the most incredible second part of a video I have ever seen.

Anyway, now I'm going to link to a wiki that kinda does most of the work I've been kinda gearing myself up to do. here

I will be making more wiki posts on this man, just on more obscure topics that I know about related to the show.