Tamers makes, well... videos. They're kinda indescribable much like Tails Gets Trolled. They have this sorta childish (but sometimes quite complex) humor but a quite interesting overall story arch. My intro to Tamers was through a podcast that Cybershell went on called Thought Cops. That episode was quite fun.

Anyway, what sorta videos does Tamers12345 make? They describe themselves as the "God of SU", SU meaning Sonic Underground of course. That's right, they have been continuing the story of Sonic Underground for over a decade at this point. Their version of the show has a much different take on the series, feeling more like a sitcom rather than a, well I must admit I've never seriously sat down to watch Sonic Underground, but it seems like your standard comedy-focused children's show with music in it.

Some people online have likened Tamers12345's take on Sonic Underground to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I reckon is an apt comparison. Every character in Tamersverse, as it's called, are real pricks to each other. A consistent theme in the show is demeaning women, be it by hitting them or berating them by devaluing them in regards to the power dynamic they have with men. Sonic and Manic regularly bully Sonia by stating that because Sonia is a woman her opinion on whatever scheme Sonic and Manic are planning does not matter. Mark La Tour, father of Mindy La Tour, often tells people to demean women when it appears that they need to be taught a lesson. Uncle Chuck, Sonic's Uncle, repeatedly beats Queen Aleena, Sonic's Mother.

Undoubtedly the main focus of the series is on Sonic and Bartleby Montclair of Dresdin's relationship, hereon referenced as "Bardonic". I would say almost half of the series is dedicated to showing how much Bardonic love each other. Go to any episode of Tamers' Sonic Underground, and you will see that Bardonic is there.

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